Marketing companies are a dime a dozen in the world today – heck, think of the hundreds of marketing companies, CRM companies, and website companies in the automotive space alone! But what sets these companies apart? What makes one company better than another?
And are they bringing the quality of marketing they bring for their organization to yours? What about their values? Do they have matching values to you and your organization? Do they EVEN HAVE values? Even more difficult? Judging the effectiveness of their product from the reviews of others! Heck, many shop owners aren’t even tracking the performance of their marketing and wouldn’t know where to begin!
But there are small, niche companies that focus on independently owned auto repair shops. Their primary objective? Relationship. Relationship with the owner, with the staff, with the client! Understanding first where the business is, then building a customized plan around that business.
While this type of marketing isn’t cheap, it’s often far more effective than the alternative “Spaghetti Method”, where you throw it all at the wall to see what sticks…
In this episode, we speak with Kim Walker & Brian Walker from Shop Marketing Pros, one of the leading boutique marketing providers in the automotive world for a peek behind the marketing curtain. We discuss ethics, morals, and values – We also discuss how they got started in this, and what’s made them so successful!
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