Kent Bullard

Areas of expertise:

Gamification, Productivity, Leadership & Management, Communications, Process Development, Strategic Planning, Media Production and Graphic Design

A little bit About Kent Bullard

Kent manages operations for the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, contributing to creative projects as much as possible. He practices minimalism in his personal and professional life, believing in finding meaning in our experiences. As an expert in gamification, he provides insight and consultation on training, business practices, and lifestyle changes. Kent was paramount to building the industries leading educational platform Husband and father to a beautiful wife and two smart boys, Kent would rather spend a weekend with the family than anything else.


About The Institute For Automotive Business Excellence

The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence was built on the principles of a better business, better life, better industry. If we can improve your business, everything else follows. The Institute believes in the value our industry provides and promotes quality training and education that support a value-based business. We do this through our Advisor Mastery Training Program, and our industry leading education platform with everything you need to run your shop at its best. You deserve to live the life you want, and your business should be the means to achieve it. We’ll show you how.